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Scent Plus' every four week fog service uses an EPA and CDC-approved product that provided a safety barrier that protects your customers and employees. The electrostatic fogger applies a fine quick drying mist across all surfaces. The electrostatic fogger allow the product to adhere to surfaces for efficiently and lasts up to 28 days.

The product is food safe, non-toxic, and can be used on all surfaces.


Restaurants, fitness centers, daycares and preschools, entertainment venues, schools, churches and other types of business can benefit from this enhanced service.


More than ever clean hands are essential at home, work and play. Scents Plus is happy to provide contemporary designed dispensers using alcohol antiseptic foaming hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap. These products are OSHA & CDC compliant and will help keep your customers and employees safe in today's environment.

Restaurants, bars, public buildings, fitness centers, schools, daycares, event centers, health facilities and other high traffic locations will benefit from these services. Scents Plus professionals will work with you to provide the most efficient service available.

A quick and convenient way to sanitize your hands is good for everyone.

These services are provided every two or four weeks.


Urinal screens and/or pills will help provide odor control for your restrooms. Scents Plus urinal screens are scented to compliment our air freshener system and provide splash control to keep the urinal area cleaner. They also help prevent clogged urinal drains.


Scents Plus will service each item on a regular two or four week schedule.


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