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Scents Plus, LLC is a family owned and operated aroma enrichment business located in Sapulpa, OK with over 20 years experience. We provide installation and service of commercial grade deodorizer units and fragrances for businesses of all kinds. Our units are unobtrusive, silent and do not emit a time delayed mist. With Scents Plus your business or office will have a pleasant aroma 24 hours a day without interruption.

Scents Plus, LLC will maintain each air freshener unit; refilling the fragrance, changing the wicks and keeping a working battery in the unit at all times. The replacement or repair of all working parts of each unit is the responsibility of Scents Plus. There are 20 fragrances to choose from and you may change fragrances at any scheduled service. There are special fragrances created for the holiday season as well as the introduction of new fragrances during the year. A service cycle is every two weeks. 

The product is an essential oil based natural fragrance and a non-allergenic product made from plant extract base. The wicks are made from recycled paper products and there are no aerosols released by the units. The batteries are disposed of properly. Our air freshener system is very environmentally friendly. Our product meets the necessary standards to be used in health facilities. 

We are currently offering two free weeks of service with no strings attached. If you aren't completely satisfied, we'll take our machines down and be on our way. But be warned, people like our product so much that they rarely get rid of us. Once you start, you'll never want to stop!

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